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Minnesota Women's Press
  • Take Action: Can you help the Census 2020 team count those who tend to be invisible, by helping explain its importance to communities that are often hidden?
  • February 2018: Making the Invisible Visible
    There is so much incessant chatter around us. How do we hear what is meaningful, and see what deserves our attention? That is partly what this issue of Minnesota Women's Press is about.
  • Sexual Harassment at the Capitol
    About 18 years ago, Pat Helmberger was forced out of the workplace she loved: the Minnesota State Capitol, where she'd worked in various roles for 12 years. Her male boss sexually harassed her. His actions weren’t invisible, but may as well have been — others knew, sometimes even witnessed, what was happening, yet looked away.
  • Making the Invisible Visible: Immigrant Laborers
    Sexual harassment, wage theft, worker safety, and fair working conditions are a few of the areas CTUL makes more visible through direct action (protests), negotiation with employers, organizing around class-action lawsuits and partnerships with other organizations.
  • Making the Invisible Visible: Sex Trafficking Victims
    What happens to a young woman after she has been the victim of sex trafficking? What resources are, and are not, available to help her heal?
  • Terms and definitions of abusive behavior compiled by contributor Andrea Morisette Grazzini
  • Connecting Invisible Entrepreneurs
    The March ConnectUp! summit aims to connect typically invisible entrepreneurs with investors.
  • Don't Age Me Out of Living
    Judith Guest: "As for age-appropriate, there’s no such thing; there’s whatever works for me."
  • The February question: “What makes you feel invisible?”
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