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  • Killing Us Softly
    Sagirah Shahid: Chronic stress and the health of Black women
  • Showcasing Overlooked Stars
    Eh Re Noh Say: “A lot of girls got scouted to play for college, which is amazing. I heard from a Duluth college because of the tournament!"
  • Ellie Krug: Her Life Transition at Age 52
    The transgender speaker shares her story to teach others inclusivity and acceptance.
  • Proposed Adjustments to American History Curriculum
    Ism Schism: Instead of open ears and open palms, the Head of School said, "This is an American history class, not a Native history class." ... My America is learning to remember.
  • Arbitrary Borders
    Nekessa Julia Opoti: Beyond social media outrage and lawn signs what does it mean to truly stand with refugees and immigrants?
  • Why Green Spaces Are White
    Ism Schism: “In a racist society, it is not enough to be non-racist. We must be anti-racist.”  — Angela Davis
  • Gay and Gray
    Marsha Berry: Many aging LGBT are afraid to access elder care and health services because of fear of discriminatory treatment.
  • Ism Schism: Appetite for Change
    "It’s time for people to cook and eat and talk about the change they want to see." 
    — Princess Titus, Appetite for Change co-founder, in a TEDx Talk
  • Lachelle Cunningham's Mission
    "There is great diversity of chefs in the Twin Cities. I intend to bring more attention to this space, so more people can see the enormous talent we have to offer." 
  • Marnita's Table: A Recipe for  Cross-Cultural  Relationship
    She compares Marnita's Table events to family reunions, with relatives from around the world who differ in terms of race, class, culture, and other forms of self-identity. 
  • Liberating American Women
    Ism Schism: As a girl in India, Cheryllyne Vaz believed sexism and racism were long over in the U.S. She created a local network after years of discovering how much that wasn't true.
  • Ism Schism: I Am a Tapestry
    "How do we do this without feeling like we’re ticking off a series of checkboxes, especially when it comes to our own identities?"
  • Don't Age Me Out of Living
    Judith Guest: "As for age-appropriate, there’s no such thing; there’s whatever works for me."
  • Jessica Wicks: Growing up transgender and, in my case, gay in East Texas was a perilous endeavor.
  • Courage to be vulnerable
    SheSaid Ashley Steele engages in daring conversations about race

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