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Minnesota Women's Press
  • Called to Syria
    "The suffering is immense. The people I saw in Greece were the lucky ones. They had the money and health to travel that far. I knew I hadn’t even seen the worst of it."
  • Protecting Patients and Their Caregivers
    As a board member of the Minnesota Nurses Association, Robin Henderson is focused on not only patient care, but policy around the caregivers.
  • "I Deserve All Good"
    CELEBRATIONS GUIDE: Titilayo Bediako of We Win Institute, on how to help young women recognize Black accomplishments from ancient Africa to modern-day Minnesota.
  • Breaking the Pipeline
    Anika Bowie: Standing out in the male-dominated criminal justice field.
  • Vulnerable Leadership
    Tanya Korpi Macleod: Many leaders traditionally have a desire to want to feel smarter than everyone else in the room. A good leader can say, “I know your superpower.”
  • Spotlight: Domestic Violence Survivor Finds Her Power
    Cathy Riley-Green is healing with gratitude after a brutal attack.
  • Public Poetry
    Profile: Junauda Petrus speaks out about race and gender equality despite a ban on her poem by the City of Minneapolis
  • Linda Anderson
    Profile: Keeping her head up in difficult times
  • Environmental justice in North Minneapolis
    Feature:"When women lead, we take others with us"
  • Akilah Sanders-Reed: Youth climate intervenor
    Profile: Envisioning a better future for our planet - and working to protect it
  • It's called "Daisy Camp"
    Profile: Because who wants to go to DIVORCE camp?
  • Culturally competent midwifery
    Profile: Jennifer Almanza has become the midwife she once looked for
  • Learn how to live, choose how to die
    Profile: Cancer survivor Brenda Hartman is changing the conversation about death and healing
  • A farmer and beekeeper
    Profile: There's no typical work day for Yao Yang, the director of the Hmong American Farmers Association Food Hub
  • Working overtime for Minnesota
    Profile: A day in the life of Jamie Becker-Finn, first-term state representative

  • Risky, personal style-setter
    Profile: Jana Shortal challenges perceptions of what a newswoman looks like - and succeeds
  • Familial Alzheimer's disease
    Profile: One family's work to change the future of Alzheimer's
  • Stories transcend words
    Profile: Mankato professor Gwen Westerman crafts generational storytelling in quilts and writes about limited perspectives of Native American history
  • Activism runs in the family
    Profile: Priscilla Lord and Emma Faris, mother and daughter, support progressive women running for political office
  • Unwavering
    Profile: Cheryl Robertson has spent three decades working as a public health nurse in countries ripped apart by war, trauma and displacement, and she's not about to stop
  • Rebranding her faith
    Profile: Hanadi Chehabeddine builds cultural bridges through conversations and cups of coffee
  • Ojibwe women
    Profile: Brenda Child, scholar of Native history, speaks to her family's stories
  • Women's history on center stage
    Profile: Playwright Laurie Flanigan Hegge creates theater from local stories
  • "I am a girl"
    Profile: Parents of a transgender child stand up for her rights and identity
  • Words matter
    Profile: Tish Jones, spoken word poet, on building bridges and breaking down hierarchies with words
  • Love letters
    Profile: Kalia Yang: Lyrical storytelling from Hmong refugee camp to the written page
  • Always an advocate
    Profile: Luz Maria Frias: Building bridges between cultures and communities through communication
  • A voice for change
    Profile: State Rep. Rena Moran: From a homeless shelter to the State Capitol
  • Tackling the status quo
    Profile: Melisa Franzen: Young Puerto Rican mother steps out of boxes in Minnesota Senate
  • Humanitarian entrepreneur
    Profile: Mary Tjosvold: Combining the best of both worlds - community organizing through business
  • Mind the gap
    Profile: Shawntera Hardy: Listening, and responding, to the screams of community at Minnesota's Department of Employment and Economic Development
  • Bibelot at 50
    Profile: Roxana Freese: Ownership, from necessity to passion
  • Speaking out
    Profile: Farm activist Lou Anne Kling: From pastures to protests
  • Out as a trans woman
    Profile: Miranda Foslien: The unique perspective of being raised with male privilege, noticing how women tend to perceive themselves, and interacting within the categories of relationship
  • Lizzo soars
    Profile: After years of performing with groups, the musician goes solo
  • 50 by 50
    Profile: Julie Musselman: 50 marathons in 50 states by age 50
  • Heather Lindstrom
    Profile: Heather Lindstrom: Working with special-needs inmates in solitary confinement, being a single mom, charting her own course
  • Mobile doctor
    Profile: Dr. Edwige Mubonzi: Taking a stand for women and girls in war-torn Africa
  • Seriously funny
    Profile: Julie Schumacher, the first female Thurber Prize award winner
  • The queen of improv
    Profile: Jill Bernard pushes the boundaries at HUGE Theater
  • Welcome home
    Profile: Sandy White Hawk works to reunite adopted Native peoples with their original families
  • Fedwa Wazwaz
    Profile: Seeking and facilitating peace and cultural understanding
  • Shodo Spring
    Profile: Finding harmony and raising consciousness of how people think of the earth through Buddhism
  • Marit Brock
    Profile: Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America works to keep kids safe
  • Visualizing women's stories
    Profile: Mother and daughter artists focus on social justice
  • Leaving "the life"
    Profile: Terry Forliti - One woman's story of being sold and climbing out of prostitution
  • Riverkeepers
    Profile: Sister-sisters Kay and Annette Fernholz work to restore the water and land at their Earthrise Farm
  • Growing leadership
    Profile: Activist Pakou Hang organizes Hmong-American farmers "at the nexus of history"
  • The tipping point
    Profile: Ginger Jenzten advocates for living wages for fellow servers - and for us all
  • Dancing with goats
    Profile: Mairi Doerr has built a sustainable life at her Dancing Winds Farm
  • Her singing eases funeral pain
    Profile: Minneapolis artist Jayanthi Kyle offers comfort to mourning families
  • What the monarchs tell us
    Profile: They're in danger, and we can help
  • Sisterly duo
    Profile: The Baldwins entertain and inspire with their music
  • Writing toward hope
    Profile: How New Yorker Sherrie Fernandez-Williams found her voice - and herself - in Minnesota
  • A book lover's dream job
    Profile: Minnesota Public Radio's Kerri Miller combines journalism and her love of reading
  • Wilderness protector
    Profile: Adventurer Amy Freeman boldly explores and educates us on a natural world worth saving
  • "God Girl"
    WordsAndPictures: Twin Cities playwright Kristine Holmgren takes a swing at the stained-glass ceiling
  • Cultural bridge builder
    Profile: Sia Her fosters connections between communities and generations and is helping redefine what it means to be a 'good Hmong daughter'
  • 'Get into your neighbors' business'
    Profile: In 30 years on the police force, Lt. Kim Lund has been an advocate for victims and the vulnerable
  • A passionate "genius"
    Profile: Law professor Sarah Deer - now a MacArthur fellow - is a tireless advocate for Native victims of sexual assault
  • Gender Justice
    Profile: This tenacious law group makes change for women happen - quickly
  • Brewing success
    Profile: After taking six years to open their brewery, partners Deb Loch and Jill Pavlak are working fast and furious to keep up with demand
  • Primed for power
    Profile: Patricia Torres Ray is working to launch more women into office
  • Turning beer into food
    Profile: Jacquie Berglund's company, FINNEGANS, does well doing good
  • Dispensing medical care - and love
    Profile: Nurse practitioner Pam White specializes in treating mind, body and spirit in the black community
  • Art + Business = Success
    Profile: Beth Bergman makes her mark as a retailer and in the community
  • 'Born and raised on the fair'
    Profile: It's in her blood: Brooke Blakey keeps us informed about public safety
  • Cream of the crop
    Profile: Teresa Anderson's seed-based political commentary is a fixture at the State Fair
  • A victory for journalism
    Profile: Interviewing skills, values help MPR reporter Madeleine Baran uncover church's secrets
  • Turning defeat into victory
    Profile: Carri Jones learned from her first election loss and went on to win the leadership of her Indian tribe.
  • Let there be light rail
    Profile: The new Green Line trains bring out the joy in Christina Morrison, who endured its construction and helped plan its environment
  • Called to car repair
    Profile: Cathy Heying and the Lift Garage fix vehicles affordably for people - especially women - in need
  • Big Sister by choice
    Profile: Darlene Bell takes her Little Sisters into her life, her heart
  • Ritual co-creator
    Profile: Kaia Svien lifts up the mystery of our lives
  • Same-sex marriage
    Profile: Ann DeGroot says her wedding day: " ... was a good day, even though it was a sad time"
  • From Bhutan to Minnesota
    Profile: Through an oral history project, Mangala Sharma, a refugee from Bhutan, helps keep her stories and her people's culture alive
  • Betty McKenzie: locked up for peace
    Profile: The activist nun put her beliefs on the line, even if it meant going to jail.
  • Twin sisters, dual identities
    Profile: Augsburg students Mayra and Miriam Medina Macias embrace two cultures
  • Breaking through taboos
    Profile: At Planned Parenthood in Rochester, Khadija Ali helps educate young Somalis about sex and healthy relationships.
  • Framing the future
    Profile: For Susan Marvin, leading her family's window company means putting employees - and the community - first.
  • 'Memory of Trees'
    Profile: Gayla Marty: Trees provide touchstones in this daughter's story about family farm.
  • Heartstrings
    Profile: Shop owner Claire Givens wants to help elevate women in the violin trade.
  • 'It's still me'
    Profile: Cancer survivor Jan Strassburg opens her own wig shop to help women deal with hair loss.
  • Spreading sunshine
    Profile: Carol Salmon is serious about clowning around.
  • 2,000 miles, 2 women and 1 canoe
    Profile: How a determined pair paddled their way to Hudson Bay - and into the record books.
  • Food justice
    FoodFeature: For LaDonna Redmond, this is the civil rights issue of the 21st century
  • Revive the hive
    Profile: The Beez Kneez is creating a buzz with a bicycle-powered honey business
  • Persistence, patience and prayers
    Profile: Sadia's Gourmet Sauces bring a spicy taste of Somalia to Minnesota palates
  • Of daughters, mothers, distance and healing
    Profile: Kelly Fern journeys from South Korea to Minnesota and back in search of her lost family.
  • Fearless drummer
    Profile: Iris Shiraishi makes her statement with the Japanese art of taiko.
  • Peace & war
    Profile: An Iraq veteran's experience at war earned her an unanticipated education
  • Lenor Scheffler:
    Profile: Trailblazing attorney with heart values her family, community and mentors
  • Feminism in action
    Profile: Jane Olsen finds feminist synergy in conservative St. Cloud
  • Tough in a tutu
    Profile: Deborah Jiang Stein's unPrison Project
  • Out in rural Minnesota
    Profile: Jessi Tebben and Ashley Schuman build family-despite challenges
  • High-profile engineer
    Profile: Susan Rani is modest about her trailblazing, leadership
  • Identity found
    Profile: Jessica Lopez Lyman facilitates a summer "ritual retreat" to help six young women find their place in the world
  • Zine collector
    Profile: Lacey Prpic Hedtke has over 2,500 zines in her garage