Since 1996, the BookWomen Center for Feminist Reading has promoted reading and celebration of women's words. Our goal is to create communities of readers in the following ways:

BookWomen: A Readers' Community for Those Who Love Women's Words
This bi-monthly magazine explores the reading life, with subscribers from around the country. BookWomen is dedicated to building a community of readers and celebrating the joys of living with books. We explore the place of reading and books in women's lives, and we spread the word about women writers and their work. We are fans of libraries, independent booksellers and independent publishers.

Reading Retreats
A Reading Retreat is like an extended reading group, featuring lively book discussions, intellectual stimulation, personal connections, reflection, and laughter—all in the company of kindred spirits. Sites are quiet and comfortable retreat centers.

Books Afoot
Combining travel with reading, and discussing books by women writers from the areas we visit, these book adventures have taken us around the U. S., as well as England, Scotland, New Zealand, Iceland, Canada and Mexico. We explore new ideas and new places, based on the literature we’ve read in preparation for the trip. We meet local writers and readers, visit bookshops and libraries. Each trip is designed by us to be a one-of-a-kind excursion. We aim to introduce readers to books and writers they might never discover otherwise.

Reading Groups
Our book groups have been reading and discussing a wide range of writing by women since 1986. Currently six groups, each at least 25 years old and going strong, meet monthly in the Twin Cities, each with a focus or theme. We welcome new voices; call or email to find out about available spaces.