Acting up
I especially liked your February issue! I feel that during the unique challenges we are facing as a country right now, publications like Minnesota Women's Press are so important in letting people know what action individuals and groups are taking to address the myriad issues the new administration has created. I hadn't even heard of Stand Up Minnesota. I am not a Facebook user, so I am very excited that they are making plans to connect non-Facebook users to be able to access their website, as it seems like an excellent source of showing what people need to be paying attention to and taking action on. Keep up all of your great work!
Solveig Brown, Golden Valley

Women in history
Thank you for this excellent March edition of the Minnesota Women's Press. I cannot believe how you get so much exciting information into each issue. I appreciate MWP and think every issue is amazing. This is a time when we all need reminders of the wonderment of women and their accomplishments. MWP does that grandly.
Carol Cochran, Minneapolis

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