Your space is your sanctuary. A reflection of yourself. When you have an organized home you have an organized life and are ready to greet the world. Your energy is lighter, you sleep better and you are a healthier person. You will have more time for doing the things you love with family and friends.

As a professional organizer, I often see people get stuck on the idea of perfection. "I can't start until I've done X," or "When (such and such) happens, then I will be able to start de-cluttering." My best piece of advice is simple. Just begin. Let go of the idea of being perfect.

My personal experience has taught me that often what holds us back is either an emotional or financial attachment to items, or a combination of the two. Ask yourself: is it the actual thing we need to preserve as a memory of someone, or can we honor that person in another way?

When we refuse to let go of things, they begin to accumulate into a mess that often causes us stress. Then the only thing we want to do when we see it is close the door. It can become overwhelming and burdensome. It can weigh heavily on our energy and can take away from the things in life that bring us true happiness.

Imagine that your best friend is coming to town and wants to stay in your guest bedroom. Wonderful! Except, "Ugh!!" The bedroom is a disaster and it will take hours to clean up. The time and energy you could be spending feeling excited for her visit is consumed with worrying about the clutter and cleaning.

To start out, imagine what your ideal living space looks like. Spend time with the vision and establish what's important to you. Define the sacred space you call home.

Often there are many layers in moving toward your vision. You don't have to get rid of everything at once. Wherever you find yourself in the process, a gentle and ecological approach can help clear the clutter and lead to a happier life.

Heidi Johnson is the owner of Heidi's Green Cleaning and Organizing.

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