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  • May 2019 Table of Contents
    “All these millions of girls that play sports across the country — we are teaching them great things about life skills, but wouldn’t it be great if we could teach them to watch how women lead?”
    — Notre Dame women's basketball coach Muffet McGraw
  • Pivot Points
    For me, being the lone woman in locker rooms with professional athletes was not about breaking barriers. It was about getting to the human stories. It is a pleasure in this issue to showcase the power of women engaged in sports and adventure.
  • 2019 What Women Want
    The results of our annual reader survey, based on 697 voters — what services and businesses do women prefer?
  • Think: Native Triathlon, Back to Black, Lynx Spotlight
    Think is our roundup of some of the notable women's news stories of the month, generally related to the month's theme.
  • 51 Days of Open Water
    Grounded: Ebba Safverblad-Nelson writes about Femmes du Nord. "The silence rang in my ears. It was the absolute stillness of a lake as calm as glass and a landscape without trees. It was the silence of isolation — of the knowledge that we had put hundreds of kilometers between us and the last place where we had seen other people."
  • Being Outdoorsy
    Adventure theme: Alora Jones writes about her experience with Outdoor Afro, which "offers opportunities to disrupt the common narrative that outdoor activity is reserved largely for white, male, and wealthy individuals. It offers opportunities to actively participate in creating a new narrative — one in which Black, female, queer, and underrepresented voices are centered and amplified."
  • A Wild and Alien World
    Conscious Mind: Emeri Burks writes about her adventures underwater. "After you dive, how could you not find all life beautiful with this diversity? How could you not be moved to a state of humility?"
  • Voices on Sports & Adventure
    Tapestry: Commentary of everyday women engaged with our monthly topic. This month's ask: How has sports or adventure been part of your life?
  • What Our Parks Need
    Lynnea Atlas-Ingebretson was named by Governor Tim Walz to serve on the 17-member Metropolitan Council, which sets policy and provides services in the Twin Cities for public transit and mobility, wastewater treatment, regional parks, affordable housing, and more. She writes of her interest in strengthening parks and recreation.
  • Wave Rider
    Jenny Schwietz owns eight surfboards and has become one of Lake Superior’s best-known year-round surfers. Reported by Jana Studelska.
  • Where can you find the Minnesota Women's Press magazine at April 2019 events?
  • Co-Creating the Asiya Brand
    Fatimah Hussein: "There is no reason you should lose your culture or your religion in order to feel confident as an athlete. We are all stronger when we are free to share our real identity."
  • Setting New Goals
    Ism Schism: How the Vixen women's football team is breaking barriers, including for non-binary and trans players. 
  • Our ongoing general responses from readers. 
  • MWP Conversations: Report from “Healing in Community”
    January 15 “MWP Conversations: Healing in Community,” more than 150 women discussed the prevalence of sexual assault, trauma-related addiction, and generational trauma, and how to promote stronger community solutions.
  • GoSeeDo: May 2019
    Pangea World Theater, Q-Stage 2019, Taste of Iceland, and artwork by Heather Friedli
  • Inspiring the Adventurer
    BookShelf: Reporter Siena Iwasaki Milbauer talked with National Geographic adventurer Erika Bergman, a submarine pilot, and author Trudi Trueit, in their recent visit to the Twin Cities to talk about the new Explorer Academy book series for young people.
  • The Incandescent Detail
    Art of Living: Maureen Aitken writes, "In that way, my writing was an act of love — a prayer in gratitude for what we had, and an antidote to all of the failed treatments. In this time we had together at the end, Mary Ann helped me see a way to survive by building an inner palace — a place no one could touch, both luminous and alive."
  • Healthy Sexuality
    Kids Guide: Katie Thune writes of her career focused on helping young people, particularly those with development disabilities, develop healthy relationships based on consent. "We believe that by teaching all young people to become powerful self-advocates, we not only ensure a stronger community, but we do our part to reduce sexual violence and promote peace."
  • 2019 What Women Want
    The results of our annual reader survey, based on 697 voters — what services and businesses do women prefer?
  • The Plant-Based Revolution
    Green Guide: “Eating meat is so inefficient,” Michelle Courtright says, listing the factors: “The energy use that goes into raising cattle. The land and water required for crops to feed the animals before you kill them. The methane alone from those animals is 26 times more powerful than the CO2 of all vehicles combined.”


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