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Minnesota Women's Press
  • Act = Change
    We asked each of the 2018 Changemakers to offer their suggestions for how readers can Act Now to make change. What inspires you?
  • ... to yourself or others. Support the Women's Press mission to expand our digital storytelling and connect with storytellers throughout Minnesota in 2019.
  • How Can We Talk To Each Other?
    Act Now: Suzanne Candell writes about how we can reframe stories for better communication with people who disagree with us.
  • Action in the Pipeline Process
    Act Now: For several years, community members have worked together to try to stop oil pipelines from cutting through Native lands in Minnesota that are used for clean-water fishing and wild ricing.
  • Immigration Welcome Steps
    ACT NOW: What can be done to create more welcoming spaces and places for newcomers to Minnesota? We asked women of different backgrounds and perspectives to offer their thoughts.
  • Act Now: Support Minnesota's Women Farmers
    How Minnesota women are creating sustainable solutions in the growing industry, and what we can do to support them.
  • How to Support Minnesota's Equal Rights Amendment
    Act Now: De'Vonna Pittman on why and how to support passage of the Equal Rights Amendment in Minnesota this year.
  • Act Now: Can We Create a New System?
    "Even before #MeToo, our multiple shared experiences had long established the prevalence and personal pain of these crimes, but now those coming forward uncovered an epidemic and opened our eyes to the systemic structures that support predators."
  • There Is No Me in Activism
    Act Now: "Everyone wants to be the most ingenious revolutionary, so we spend a ton of time thinking of something clever to say instead of actually listening to and learning from our colleagues."
  • Nausheena Hussain: What has made me fight is the question I ask myself, “What if I don’t?”
  • It's my last act
    ActNow: Kathy Magnuson reflects on 16 years of ActNow columns
  • Pesticides, people and potatoes
    ActNow: Toxic Taters: Minnesotans affected by pesticides band together for safer farming practices
  • What you're called matters
    ActNow: A group of students take action to redefine and rename their school
  • Girls on the Run
    ActNow: Girls make plans and set goals from community service to running a 5K
  • A day in a life with no home
    ActNow: Dureen has lived in her car since 2014
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