Find something that you know is not fair, and begin to change it. Don’t think it’s somebody else’s job. Confront it in your own way, and make it your job to make change.
— Anita Hill, attorney/professor


This issue features the new Act = Change icon, which spotlights the ways readers might be inspired to make change happen.


What’s Inside?


Editor Letter  
Making Change

Reader Response 
“Describe a Pivotal Moment in Your Life”

The M Re-opens, Freedom Daze, Black Nativity, and more events for December

Election Messages, Native Response to Assault

Dual Perspectives 
Shannon Drury and Tami Mohamed Brown



• Me’Lea Connelly  

• Jessie Diggins  

• Maria Regan Gonzalez  

• Kathy Hermes 

• Eileen Hudon 

• Kathy Magnuson/Norma Smith Olson

Asma Mohammed  

• Leslie Redmond  

• Norah Shapiro 

• Der Yang 




Spirituality Guide  
Jessica Wicks: Changing My Religion


Holiday Guide 
Julie Kearns: My Slow Movement Holiday


Home Guide  
Bethany Gladhill: Welcome Home


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