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  • Shannon Gibney: Talking About Race
    High school student and Minnesota Women's Press contributor Alyssa Story interviewed Shannon Gibney, author of "Dream Country," as part of our #MWPIdentity and #MWPStory themes. Here is what Shannon told us.
  • New Year's Guide: Celebrate Your Inner and Outer Beauty
    Yar Kang: "We define beauty in many different ways based on what our surrounding community tells us is true. That is why, since 2006, I have hosted the Miss South Sudan pageant here in the Midwest."
  • Camp Guide: Freedom School
    Cyreta Oduniyi writes about the Freedom School curriculum, and why she thinks it should be implemented statewide.
  • Education Guide: Connecting Us With MinneStory
    Melissa Wray writes about how she is capturing storytelling in Minnesota communities, as she prepares to build a cultural community center in Caledonia.
  • January 2019 Table of Contents
    There is added depth when we, as a society and as individuals, can move beyond stereotypes ... to be recognized and accepted as part of one community of full, multidimensional human beings. — Joan Dao 
  • Dual Identity on Stage
    Art of Living: Multiracial actor and singer Meghan Kreidler is seeking more projects that are about the uniqueness of mixed-race identity.
  • Transformation, by Kylee Wohlmann
    Personal Identity: Kylee Wohlmann describes transformation of identity from male to female, as featured in a new book photographed by Marla Klein.
  • A Tale of Two Countries, by Emeri Burks
    Cultural Identity & Borders: A three-part story of a woman who is trying to bring her fiancee to the U.S. from China. How do borders based on country of birth impact personal lives?
  • Perspectives #1: Being Inciteful
    Amoke Kubat shares the vision behind her play "Angry Black Woman and Well Intentioned White Woman."
  • Perspectives #2: Face-to-Face With the Divide
    Ann Markusen reflects on the personal impact of seeing Amoke Kubat's play.
  • The Pretty or the Brave, by Nicola Koh
    Personal Identity: A personal story about the non-binary journey.
  • Healing in the Community of Women
    BookShelf: Stephanie Sorenson shares her story of surviving sexual assault, and the community of women who helped her heal. Also includes recommended books about healing from assault.
  • The Intersectional Life
    Ism Schism: Joan Dao writes about what it is like to feel more immigrant than citizen — despite being born in the U.S.
  • The Fluidity of Identity

    A few of our essays this month offer intimate looks at the categorization of gender. Several stories delve into the restrictions we place based solely on the borders of country and ethnicity. Our Think items offer a glimpse at the arbitrary nature of race as a classification. Our new Perspectives series goes deeper into the tension we are now confronting in society.

  • Michelle Rivero Identifies the Labels of Fear
    Act Now: Michelle Rivero says — despite labels of fear — many people recognize how important immigrants are to our society. How can readers support immigrant communities?
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