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  • July 2019 Table of Contents
    “We are volcanoes. When we women offer our experience as our truth, as human truth, all the maps change.” 
    — Ursula K. LeGuin 
  • Transformative Thinking
    Editor's Letter: Transformative justice might do much more to deter crime than punishment does. "Think about how society might be transformed if we invested some of our policing budget into the mental health services and access to food, for example."
  • One Way for Mothers to Heal
    Erica Rivera shares the story of Mary Johnson-Roy's forgiveness of the young man who killed her son, and the program she started called "From Death to Life."
  • July 2019 Go See Do
    July's highlighted events include Theater Latte Da, ukuleles in Lanesboro, trans- and black feminist-inspired dance, a puppetry festival, and the National Organization of Women conference — featuring a Minnesota Women' Press workshop.
  • Resources on Abortion Rights
    Reports, books, website, and talking points about abortion rights.
  • Changing What Work Looks Like
    Health Guide: Anne Hendrickson writes about the health benefits of the working space she created. "I watched friends struggle with late-night eating, depression, and accelerating diabetes. They were unable to enjoy retirements due to what had been sedentary careers."
  • Options for All
    Nelsie Yang shares her story of transformation from the daughter of low-income refugee parents to a Take Action organizer. "We live in a society that trains us to believe certain things about our identities. We get to choose whether or not to accept those limitations."
  • Roxxanne O’Brien: Building Power
    Anne Winkler-Morey sat down with Roxanne O'Brien to learn her life story about transformation from a young justice seeker, to a risk taker and young mother, to a parent of three "who wants what we all want for our kids — to be healthy and to have opportunities."
  • How the Right to Abortion Transforms Lives
    Act Now: Rev. Kelli Clement shares her story about why and how she supports reproductive rights so that women are able to make choices about their own lives and bodies.
  • The Cycle of Our Justice
    Marcie Rendon writes about her writing work at county jails. "If it gives even one woman the opportunity to glimpse herself as something more than an incarcerated woman — to see a future beyond the jail — it can be a stop gap against future incarceration."
  • THINK: Transformational News
    News items about incarcerated parents, Lindsey Whalen, and garbage innovations.
  • How to Make Recycling Work
    Buy Local Guide: Lynn Hoffman and Kate Davenport, co-presidents of Eureka Recycling, explain why shipping our recyclables overseas is no longer working and what needs to happen next.
  • Voices on Transformation
    Tapestry: Commentary of everyday women engaged with our topic of the month, from transformation of discarded objects, to three women who work to change our system of criminal justice: Anika Bowie, Deborah Jiang-Stein, and Laura LaBlanc.
  • Transforming Hearts (Including My Own)
    Learning Life: 2018 Minnesota State Teacher of the Year Kelly Holstine writes about how her students at Tokata Learning Center in Shakopee have impacted her.
  • Hearts of Our People
    Art of Living: A ground-breaking exhibit at the Minneapolis Institute of Art looks at how the legacy, relationships, and power of Native women creators have linked generations.
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