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Minnesota Women's Press
  • Resources on Abortion Rights
    Reports, books, website, and talking points about abortion rights.
  • Unrestrict Minnesota
    At a news conference May 29, Gender Justice announced "Unrestrict Minnesota," a statewide public education campaign to build awareness of Minnesota’s abortion restrictions and their effects. 
  • The Feminists of Women's Press
    This issue explores the many viewpoints of powerful, everyday Minnesota women working for equity. I asked the team behind Minnesota Women’s Press to respond to this question: “What messages made you the feminist that you are today?”
  • Peggy Flanagan: Feminist Mom-in-Chief
    Politics & Policy: A conversation with the first Native woman elected to Lieutenant Governor in the state of Minnesota. “If we are going to have Minnesota feminisms, it means that we work together across lines of difference and allow for intersectionality to exist."
  • Creating a Feminist Space in Government
    A Q&A with Hennepin County Commissioner Angela Conley, the first Black person on the board, who beat a 28-year incumbent.
  • Women's March 2019
    The words of Anika Bowie, spoken at Women's March 2019.
  • Building Strong Futures

    Women Find Their Calling in the Trades: If Amanda Gardas had known about construction industry opportunities when she was younger, she would have pursued them. “If somebody would have told me, or shown me, what a difference it would have made for me.”

  • Native Feminists Talk About Excellence
    At a panel discussion of Native women artists, organized by All My Relations Gallery, moderator Ananya Chatterjee asked, “As feminist artists, in your own ways, how do you interpret the notion of ‘excellence?’”
  • BookShelf: My Grandmother Eugenie Anderson
    Eugenie Moore Anderson, of Red Wing, achieved historic diplomatic status when President Truman appointed her in 1949 to be the first woman Ambassador for the United States.
  • Kim Bartmann: Blunt Visionary
    "Feminism in a narrow lane, as opposed to being thought of as a broader movement, isn't productive."
  • Sara Evans: Feminist History
    A conversation with Sara Evans, Regents Professor Emeritus of history at the University of Minnesota, who is credited as a primary creator of the field of women’s history.
  • Voices of Equality
    Showcasing commentary of powerful, everyday women engaged with our topic of the month.
  • 2018 Changemaker: Maria Regan Gonzalez
    Raised to Lead: When she takes office in January, Marie Regan Gonzalez will be the first Latina mayor in Minnesota history. “I ran because Minnesota is 
    a state with some of the highest racial inequities in home ownership, health, income, education, and even park usage."
  • Feminist on the Prairie
    Ashlee Moser: What would it mean to expand our understanding of a place like North Dakota to include its voices of feminist and progressive politics? 
  • Women’s Guide to Voting
    Michelle Witte, League of Women Voters Minnesota, submitted this timeline about how long it took for all women to win the right to vote.
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