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Minnesota Women's Press
  • 2018 Changemaker: Maria Regan Gonzalez
    Raised to Lead: When she takes office in January, Marie Regan Gonzalez will be the first Latina mayor in Minnesota history. “I ran because Minnesota is 
    a state with some of the highest racial inequities in home ownership, health, income, education, and even park usage."
  • Feminist on the Prairie
    Ashlee Moser: What would it mean to expand our understanding of a place like North Dakota to include its voices of feminist and progressive politics? 
  • Women’s Guide to Voting
    Michelle Witte, League of Women Voters Minnesota, submitted this timeline about how long it took for all women to win the right to vote.
  • Telling Elizabeth Warren’s Story
    BookShelf: Local author Antonia Felix sees a pattern in the strong women in politics that she has profiled.
  • Column: Voting Is Non-Negotiable
    Shannon Drury: When I learned that half of the eligible adults in the United States don’t even bother to vote, I was as shocked as if I heard that 50 percent of people with giant diamonds flush them down the toilet.
  • Replacing Mortar and Pestle
    Alexandra Spieldoch: The United Nations has reported that we could lift at least 150 million people out of hunger and poverty by filling the gender gap in agriculture. 
  • Journey to Self-Discovery
    Neda Kellogg: The New Bush Fellow explains how Project DIVA changes girls' lives.
  • The Caretakers of SPIRAL Collective
    The SPIRAL Collective (Supporting People in Reproduction, Abortion, and Loss) was started to help fill the gaps in reproductive services.
  • Caring for Oneself Is Not Optional
    Conscious Mind: Aida Martinez-Freeman shares what she learned about the difficulty of stepping back.
  • Reader Response: Power
    Readers respond: "What does the word power mean to you?"
  • Claiming Power: Overview


    Former New York Congresswoman Bella Abzug once predicted: “In the 21st century, women will change the nature of power, rather than power changing the nature of women.”

    Are we approaching that time?


  • Barbara Blackstone: Women are innately powerful in many ways. We use our power in choosing what products to buy, in the voting booth, by connecting people.
  • Your right to vote
    YourStory: Donna Brazile: A message from the interim chair of the Democratic National Committee
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