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  • The Cycle of Our Justice
    Marcie Rendon writes about her writing work at county jails. "If it gives even one woman the opportunity to glimpse herself as something more than an incarcerated woman — to see a future beyond the jail — it can be a stop gap against future incarceration."
  • Being a Doula to the Next Economy
    Winona LaDuke: "I want to be a doula to the next economy. It will take many of us to bring on the birth, but it is time. Time to re-matriate our world, our Mother Earth. The next economy needs to be restorative and regenerative. It needs to not poison people and land. No more “-cides” in the food and in the water. That stuff will kill you. It needs to be compassionate and maternal — looking out for relatives, whether they have hands, paws, roots, claws, or fins.
  • Roaring Into the Past
    Melissa Olson writes: "It wasn’t until graduate school that I learned about the Indian Adoption Project. I’d had no idea there were adoptees like my mom— part of a diaspora of Native people who were removed from their families in the 1950s and 1960s."
  • Peggy Flanagan: Feminist Mom-in-Chief
    Politics & Policy: A conversation with the first Native woman elected to Lieutenant Governor in the state of Minnesota. “If we are going to have Minnesota feminisms, it means that we work together across lines of difference and allow for intersectionality to exist."
  • Native Feminists Talk About Excellence
    At a panel discussion of Native women artists, organized by All My Relations Gallery, moderator Ananya Chatterjee asked, “As feminist artists, in your own ways, how do you interpret the notion of ‘excellence?’”
  • Think: Indigenous Women's March
    Also: Sen. Amy Klobuchar speech excerpt, a women-only village, and disabilities equality
  • We Ride to Heal
    Gabrielle Strong on her experiences with the Dakota 38 horse ride from South Dakota into Mankato, Minnesota, to help heal Native generational trauma.
  • Healing: Generational Trauma
    Chris Stark: "That chord of silence followed me from my childhood. It came to me from my grandmothers, and their grandmothers before them — back to the beginning of the murder of the people on Turtle Island (North America), back to the slavery of Indigenous people, back to the sexual and physical violence."
  • 2018 Changemaker: Eileen Hudon
    Ogichidakwe/Council of Female Warriors: Eileen Hudon advocates for women who are fighting domestic violence and sexual violence. "We are the ones who are going to make a difference in our [Native] community.”
  • Rhiana Yazzie: Coming of Age
    "Both characters are not the usual sort of character that mainstream is accustomed to when they see Native women on stage and screen."
  • Arbitrary Borders
    Nekessa Julia Opoti: Beyond social media outrage and lawn signs what does it mean to truly stand with refugees and immigrants?
  • “Onigamiising: Seasons of an Ojibwe Year
    Excerpts from “Onigamiising: Seasons of an Ojibwe Year” by Linda LeGarde Grover
  • Grounded  – Ni Mama Akii
    Sharon Day: Laws that would poison our wild rice.
  • Global Lessons From Indigenous Education

    Lessons From Indigenous Education 

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