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  • Roxxanne O’Brien: Building Power
    Anne Winkler-Morey sat down with Roxanne O'Brien to learn her life story about transformation from a young justice seeker, to a risk taker and young mother, to a parent of three "who wants what we all want for our kids — to be healthy and to have opportunities."
  • Make Housing a Priority When You Vote
    Act Now: Did you know a study found that 35 percent of Minnesota homeless women are without housing because they are escaping domestic abuse. Nelima Sitati Munene explains why housing needs to be a priority among those we elect in November.
  • In the following pages, we go deeper with two of the issues that are impacting the health of community: affordable housing and mental health. We look at how those threads are snagged, and hear from women who are part of the solutions.
  • Snag #1: Wages & Housing Prices
    In Minnesota, between 2000 and 2015, the median renter's wage decreased by 11 percent while the gross rent went up by 9 percent.
  • Snag #2: Non-Affordable Housing
    Even “affordable housing” costs tend to have a disproportionate impact on many Minnesota residents, especially women and seniors.
  • Snag #3 - Housing & Safety
    "We see that housing stability is one of the top reasons women stay in abusive relationships, because they have nowhere else to go.”
  • Housing Needs Statewide
    “[Society needs to] change the idea of housing as a privilege and not a right, because no one in society can be a productive member without housing." — Antisar Vickers, who fought against foreclosures in North Minneapolis
  • Solutions: Q&A With Acooa Ellis
    We asked Acooa Ellis, co-chair of the new Governor's Task Force for Housing, to explain the group's mission.
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