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  • MWP Conversations: Report from “Healing in Community”
    January 15 “MWP Conversations: Healing in Community,” more than 150 women discussed the prevalence of sexual assault, trauma-related addiction, and generational trauma, and how to promote stronger community solutions.
  • Eat, Play, Love: My Journey With Grief
    Endings theme: LaDonna Redmond writes about the grief of losing her 20-year-old child. "Unspeakable loss is what people call it. I hate that phrase. It IS speakable. I am no longer afraid of anything. It is time to contribute to the world in a new and different way."
  • Creative Healing
    Marjorie Fedyszyn: "The silence and secrecy of our collective trauma weighs heavily on society. What I had not expected was the number of people, some strangers and some friends, who were compelled to share their own stories with me after they saw my work."
  • The Dance of Trust
    Doreen Johnson: How ballroom dance helped me learn to trust men.
  • Healing Sexual Violence With Body Movement
    Patricia Cumbie: "I grew up with people with certain struggles, who needed therapy but couldn’t afford it. Therefore, therapy was something that fluffy indulgent people did. The problems piled up like unpaid bills until, bang, someone flipped out, smacked someone, hit rock-bottom, or was 
    court-ordered to go."
  • Healing in Community
    Trigger Warning: This entire issue, including this letter, could be triggering to those who have survived trauma, especially sexual violence. 
  • We Ride to Heal
    Gabrielle Strong on her experiences with the Dakota 38 horse ride from South Dakota into Mankato, Minnesota, to help heal Native generational trauma.
  • Healing: Generational Trauma
    Chris Stark: "That chord of silence followed me from my childhood. It came to me from my grandmothers, and their grandmothers before them — back to the beginning of the murder of the people on Turtle Island (North America), back to the slavery of Indigenous people, back to the sexual and physical violence."
  • The Science of Trauma
    How does childhood trauma impact later life? NEAR science uncovers the Neuroscience, Epigenetics, Adverse Childhood Experiences, and Resilience at work. Our conversation with a child development researcher and an epigenetics scholar.
  • A Compendium of Voices: Abuse, Assault, Advocacy
    This new “Tapestry” section showcases commentary of powerful, everyday women engaged with our topic of the month. TRIGGER WARNING: Teresa Vining on moving from abuse to advocacy. Sarah Super on how to talk with a trauma survivor. Latrina Caldwell on breaking the cycle of abuse. 
  • Addiction: A Cycle That Works Against Women
    Trauma and addiction are often inevitably linked. Add stigma about addiction to that cycle and women are especially impacted.
  • The Cycle Stops Here
    Shauen Pearce: Her journey from homelessness to city Inclusion Policy Director.
  • Action Steps for a Trauma-Informed Society
    Act = Change suggestions made by featured participants at "MWP Conversations: Healing in Community"
  • Recommended "Healing Trauma" Resources
    Resources suggested by participants at "MWP Conversations: Healing in Community"
  • Sober Housing
    Georgia Jones: From a childhood impacted by the disease of addiction, to the owner of three houses for women recovering from addiction.
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