It is in connection and collaboration that we become what we are: Powerful. Everyday. Women.

A heartfelt welcome from a new team at Minnesota Women’s Press! For nearly 34 years this publication has connected Minnesota women with stories by women, for women, about women. I have been honored to be a feature writer in its pages for 15 years and am thrilled to be the new owner and editor.

Who Am I?

I have been a storyteller for decades. When I was 12, I cried with joy when I received my grandmother’s old typewriter as a holiday gift. At 16, the female editor of the Prior Lake American community newspaper gave me my first job in journalism. Work with the Minnesota Daily, Star Tribune, CBS Entertainment, The New York Times, and Time Inc. followed. I returned to the Twin Cities to raise my children Sophia, 18, and Dylan, 13. I authored a few books, including “Choosing Single Motherhood: The Thinking Woman’s Guide,” which led to ten years of hosting women’s workshops around the country and creating related digital media.

When long-time Minnesota Women’s Press co-owners Norma Smith Olson and Kathy Magnuson decided it was time to step into new adventures, I was ready to fill their shoes.

Collective Power

The team at Minnesota Women’s Press — which includes business development director Shelly Damm and managing editor Sarah Whiting — proudly continues the legacy of “Changing the Universe Through Women’s Stories” as the magazine evolves with its new tagline: “Powerful. Everyday. Women.”

Loyal readers and advertisers will notice design changes in print and on Look for new Minnesota Women’s Press social media reporters on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. We are actively seeking Greater Minnesota storytellers to widen our conversations. Plans for networking events are in process — stay tuned for announcements.

The core mission remains the same: sharing women’s stories in ways that create community and encourage change.  I strongly believe in the power of multidimensional perspectives in our interconnected society — we are not as linear and individual as we tend to believe. You will see that reflected in these pages ­as we evolve month by month.

A diverse assortment of women helped us decide what went into this issue. There have been listening sessions with large groups, dozens of one-on-one coffee conversations, online surveys and feedback from hundreds of women and crowd-funding donors. The theme, the cover design, the new content directions, and many of the writers were chosen with community input. Even our new tagline emerged from a conversation between a mother at one of our discussions and her 13-year-old daughter.

Whether you are a long-time reader or are new to the magazine, we’d love to hear your ideas at

— Mikki Morrissette, Owner/Editor