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Fake news vs. trusted journalism. These are a part of our shared cultural conversations today. Now, as much as ever, we at the Minnesota Women's Press feel the responsibility of sharing women's stories in ways that build community and encourage change.

We value truth. We have a fact-checking process in place to scrutinize stories before they even get to you, the readers. And in addition to fact-based stories, we are called to dig deeper and put human faces on issues, policies and legislation.

And we are reminded of the power of women-led journalism around the world. In the ActNow column, Kathy shares a story about hosting 22 global women at the Minnesota Women's Press office in February, brought together by the local organization Global Minnesota. One of our visitors, Donatha Gihana from Rwanda, is a leader in an organization called Girl Effect. It coordinates Ni Nyampinga, which includes a magazine, radio station and mobile communication tool - all by and for girls, directly reaching more than a million girls.

"We work with girls and those around them to create active champions of a world in which she reaches her full potential and the cycle of poverty is disrupted," Gihana writes in an email. That sounds like something you'd read in the pages of the Minnesota Women's Press.

Gihana was named the "Most Influential Woman in Business and Government in the East African Region" last August. In her acceptance speech she said: "An investment in the girls today is an investment in Africa's future growth. As our girls rise, Rwanda rises. If we listen to girls and use our voices to ensure their needs are heard at every level, we can build the next generation of African women of influence."

If you substitute the United States, Minnesota or the name of your community, isn't this just as true? Women around the world have so much more in common than we often recognize.

In this issue, with a theme of Global Women, you can read about a Minneapolis global healthcare provider; a St. Paul high school with students from more than 20 countries, in a district whose students speak more than 100 languages; a Muslim woman from Lebanon, living in Eden Prairie, whose mission is to welcome conversations that break down cultural misconceptions; and an international organization named Women Wage Peace. In these pages we explore how women are making a difference in our changing and shrinking, global world.

An update: Two months ago we reached out to you, our readers, with an invitation to participate in shaping the future ownership and leadership of the Minnesota Women's Press. Since then we've had thoughtful, enthusiastic conversations with many of you. Our hearts are warmed by the number of women who have expressed a passion for continuing this work. As we move forward, it's not too late to be a part of our future. If you'd like to learn more, contact Kathy at 651-646-3968 or <href="mailto:magnuson@womenspress.com">magnuson@womenspress.com.We believe this work of "changing the universe through women's stories" is not finished yet, especially in these challenging times.

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