Photo Sarah Whiting
Photo Sarah Whiting
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hen surveying the LGBTQ+ scene in the Twin Cities, you’ll most likely come across one of two spaces: male-dominated clubs for gay men, and parties for queer and lesbian women in their 20s and 30s. Both of these spaces tend to be for the late-night partygoer and filled with alcohol. 

Nikki Scavo wants to change that. She and her former partner Paula created Girlpond Productions three years ago because of the lack of variety of spaces in Minnesota after 6pm. “We wanted to have this lesbian-, queer-, trans-loving place for women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s. It doesn’t have to be a place where you go and drink, but a space where you hang out.” says Scavo. 

The mission is to create “a happy place” that welcomes all women, “celebrating women everywhere, especially women with women.” 

Girlpond Production ventures — which is reinventing itself as "The L Spot" — include: 

• Les Talk! Podcast, which is a lesbian talk show covering pop culture and events. 
• The Girl on Girl Game Show, in which three couples answer questions created to challenge and celebrate relationships, in a friendly competition designed to show who is the most honest and knowledgeable about themselves and each other. "We have had every kind of couple, from married couples to best friends," says Scavo. The game show is offered "to go" for parties, showers, and weekend get-togethers. 
• Sapphic Nights of Hygge and Healing, a winter-only event that is a combination of performance and a rotating cast of local intuitives — reiki healers, tarot card readers, and rune readers. 
• Emerging hip-hop artists Soul Reflect. The Girlpond Shop and Bookshelf is in Cassy Zamora’s kitschy Z’Amore store in Northeast Minneapolis. It offers women- and LGBTQ+-inspired products such as bath bombs, washable tattoos, and underwear with quirky sayings. Merchandise is made by women, lesbian, and queer creatives, and 70 percent of proceeds go to them. The Bookshelf includes vintage-sapphic feminist books such as "Lesbian Nuns Breaking Silence" and "I Am Becoming the Woman I’ve Wanted." 

“Leave the rainbows for the leprechauns," Scavo says. "Yet we do have a neon rainbow in the window, just so folks know what they are getting into when they come inside." 

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