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Minnesota Women's Press
  • My Slow Movement Holiday
    HOLIDAY GUIDE: Julie Kearns writes about her transformation to a different kind of consumer who is "consciously opting out of the speediest, easiest, most expedient option in favor of choosing connection, community, and intention."
  • GO GREEN GUIDE: Building for the Future
    Melissa Rappaport Schifman: The idea that consumers can “vote with their wallets” has never been more achievable.
  • A New Point of View
    Ikran, 16: "The thing I’ll miss the most is seeing the stars at night, because in the city you only see like one star and then it ends up being a plane or something." 
  • Political Heat: Minnesota Mining
    In a community that has traditionally been Democratic, yet saw a large number of votes preferring the Republican Presidential candidate in 2016, the gap between many job-seeking voters and environment-oriented voters is a contentious one. 
  • It’s About Environment
    The big question is, to what extent can mining companies know that they can contain any environmental damage to water and air?
  • It’s About Science
    Cloquet-based biologist and aquatic ecology scientist Nancy Schuldt is a Fond du Lac Water Projects coordinator who specializes in toxicity research and watershed hydrologic modeling. She offered this perspective on the science behind the environmental concerns. 
  • Winona LaDuke on the Pipeline
    Grounded: "I’m ready to grow the next economy — one that’s fair and clean."
  • Finding Place in the Space We Share
    Editor's Letter: How we rejuvenate in spaces, how we seek belonging in places, and our history in traumatizing the uprooted
  • Smooth Sailing at 105
    Pat Marble learned to kayak for the first time when she was 90 years old. “When you kayak, you are low in the water. You look down and there are so many things to see.”
  • Outward Bound for Girls: 1965
    In 1965, in northern Minnesota, 24 teenage girls had an experience that changed their lives. For 30 days, they lived in the wilderness. At the time, girls were considered to be “soft, pampered creatures,” as one observer put it. 
  • Grounded: Is It Time to Redefine Sustainable?
    Jenny Breen: How to become a more mindful consumer of the food system, including understanding the term 'organic.'
  • Sewing to Mend the Soul
    GREEN GUIDE: Michelle Ooley on how Mobile Menders saves clothing from going to landfills.
  • Seeking Diversity in Environmental Activism
    How reflective are Minnesota’s environmental groups of the diversity of communities — their needs, their voices?
  • I Am Tired of Being Invisible to You All
    Winona LaDuke shares what she wants us to know about Native American communities, and what she's working on now.
  • Julie Kearns: "I envision a shared regard for those who embrace the beauty that comes with patina and time — brokenness as opportunity for repair instead of death sentence."
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