These needs were suggested in breakout sessions at "MWP Conversations: Healing in Community."

• Advocate easier access to recovery programs for people of color, LGBTQ+, and people with disabilities. 

• Support more than 12-step programs to include mind/body options for addiction and trauma. When it becomes less taboo, funding will come more naturally, and research can be done to support the evidence-based requirements for insurance. 

• Urge legislation to improve infrastructure. Without basic needs met — housing, childcare, food, water, safety — parents are paralyzed in survival mode.  Criminalize date rape. Identify sexual exploitation — including sex trafficking and assault — as a public health problem. 

• Connect with Family Enhancement Center, Minnesota Communities Caring for Children, Minnesota Peacebuilding Leadership Institute, Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, and resources and women featured in this magazine to learn more.