Jenny Friedman began to pitch ideas to parenting magazines about service activities she was doing with her family. The activities started when Friedman's oldest daughter was three. Friedman's family, and a friend’s young family, started delivering meals to people in need. She was struck by how much the experience meant to her three year old, and what a beneficial learning opportunity it was.

A book followed about how families could benefit by working together in service to their communities. She decided localized and specific suggestions in real time needed to be created. The "Doing Good Together" website was created to offer service project ideas, with more than 100 community partners, from several fields of interest: fight poverty, care for animals, social justice, heal the earth.

“The reason for wanting to do this is to pass on [the values of] kindness, empathy, compassion and generosity to our children,” says Friedman. “This is a fun, hands-on way to share those values.”

Each November, Doing Good Together hosts a Family Service Fair at the Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis. Organizations set up activity stations that include making sandwiches for homeless shelters, no-sew fleece blankets for homeless families, welcome baskets for refugee families, dog beds and treats for rescue dogs.

Doing Good Together also offers the tools and insights that can help schools, businesses, and churches replicate these community service fairs.

The organization publishes an e-newsletter, which offers monthly service ideas to 10,000 families nationwide and 5,000 families in the Twin Cities metro area. The opportunities are meant for families with children of all ages, but targets families with children between the ages of 3 and 12 years old.

Friedman’s three children ­— now beyond college-aged — are all doing community-oriented, social-minded work.  

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