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  • SPIRITUALITY GUIDE: End-of-Life Conversations
    Jane Whitlock: "As his death drew near, I became aware that I was woefully unprepared spiritually to enter into this experience with him.  I didn’t know it then, but what I needed was an end-of-life doula to help me be a companion to him."
  • ELDER CARE GUIDE: Offering Home Support
    Karen Cotch: "Investing in services that enable older adults to remain independent, while providing peace of mind to caregivers, will help make communities stronger and more self-sufficient."
  • GO GREEN GUIDE: Building for the Future
    Melissa Rappaport Schifman: The idea that consumers can “vote with their wallets” has never been more achievable.
  • Definition by Story
    Editor Letter: How we define ourselves, and others, through malleable stories in the brain.
  • Storytelling  Up North
    Karen Sunderman: “You can find interesting people everywhere if you just listen and pay attention and take the time."
  • Kate Nowlin: Stories With Dimension
    "The more I learned about the desire to serve and sacrifice for one’s country, the less relevant the issue of gender became. A soldier is a soldier is a soldier.” 
  • GoSeeDo (Sept. 2018)
    Highlighted events for the month include FEMN Fest, and an exhibition about MN Nice in Duluth ... NAMI Walks ... exploring the genome in a Rochester art exhibit ... "Roadside Attractions" in Bloomington
  • Shannon Gibney: Under-Told Stories
     “The stories that we tell, or don’t tell, for that matter, define every aspect of our lives.”
  • Signe Harriday: Three-dimensional revolutionaries
    We asked several creative directors what stories they are choosing to tell this year and why. Here is what Signe Harriday told us.
  • Rhiana Yazzie: Coming of Age
    "Both characters are not the usual sort of character that mainstream is accustomed to when they see Native women on stage and screen."
  • Lisa Marie Brimmer: Origin Stories
    "As a queer, black, transracial adoptee, my existence is politically and culturally misunderstood. This year I’m asking myself the question, “How can I use this experience as a tool?” 
  •  Rosy Simas Facilitates the Weave of  Healing
    In the Native worldview of the Haudenosaunee choreographer Rosy Simas (Seneca Nation, Heron Clan), everything from heritage to performance to the world itself is a dance in movement. It is a relational worldview.
  • Wendy Knox: Justice or Revenge?
    Examining the influential life of Sister Rosetta Tharpe, as well as the story of a pregnant teen who returns later in life seeking ...
  • Barbara Brooks: Bias and Consent
    "All shows at the Minnesota Jewish Theatre Company are rooted in Jewish content and explore differences between people of varying backgrounds, illuminate commonalities, and seek to foster greater understanding." 
  • Sarah Rasmussen: Identity and Responsibility
    Sarah Rasmussen: "It delights me to give women the opportunity to engage with comedy."
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