Photo Sarah Whiting
Photo Sarah Whiting

All shows at the Minnesota Jewish Theatre Company are rooted in Jewish content and explore differences between people of varying backgrounds, illuminate commonalities, and seek to foster greater understanding. 

Our productions this year address several issues that our society is challenged by today. 

“What I Thought I Knew,” which ends its run August 30, is the story of a Jewish woman in her 40s who was told years prior that she could never become pregnant. Yet she finds out, after many months of medical tests, that she is well-along in her pregnancy. Based upon true events, this heartfelt journey looks at problems in medical care and the health care system. 

“The Last Schwartz” looks at cultural continuity from generation to generation. Grounded in painful pasts, this comedy/drama explores Jewish identity and family dynamics.

"Actually" explores realities about consent, as well as bias and social norms. It is a new play about two Princeton students — a Jewish girl and an African American guy — who must recount their intimate evening together to a university panel charged with assessing whether sexual assault took place.

"Shul" asks us how economic problems and gentrification impact small, religious communities.