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Minnesota Women's Press
  • January 2019 Table of Contents
    There is added depth when we, as a society and as individuals, can move beyond stereotypes ... to be recognized and accepted as part of one community of full, multidimensional human beings. — Joan Dao 
  • The Fluidity of Identity

    A few of our essays this month offer intimate looks at the categorization of gender. Several stories delve into the restrictions we place based solely on the borders of country and ethnicity. Our Think items offer a glimpse at the arbitrary nature of race as a classification. Our new Perspectives series goes deeper into the tension we are now confronting in society.

  • Michelle Rivero Identifies the Labels of Fear
    Act Now: Michelle Rivero says — despite labels of fear — many people recognize how important immigrants are to our society. How can readers support immigrant communities?
  • Worthington is one of several cities around Minnesota benefitting from a rising immigrant population. Immigration is the “next opportunity for us as rural communities to revitalize rural America.”
  • THINK: A summary of news about cultural borders
    A message delivered locally from the Dalai Lama's sister ... a story-sharing game ... the fictional story about race, delivered by guest speaker Nell Irvin Painter at the YWCA's "It's Time to Act" forum.
  • MWP Conversation: Healing in Community
    The MWP Conversations series is about using the power of women to shift narratives and effect change. At our January 15 event, we bring together personal storytellers and women trained in mental health fields to offer insights into how trauma impacts all of us — and solutions that deserve support. How does healing happen with all of us, not simply those who have been directly traumatized?
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