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Minnesota Women's Press
  • Ism Schism: Appetite for Change
    "It’s time for people to cook and eat and talk about the change they want to see." 
    — Princess Titus, Appetite for Change co-founder, in a TEDx Talk
  • Grounded: Is It Time to Redefine Sustainable?
    Jenny Breen: How to become a more mindful consumer of the food system, including understanding the term 'organic.'
  • Claiming Power: Overview


    Former New York Congresswoman Bella Abzug once predicted: “In the 21st century, women will change the nature of power, rather than power changing the nature of women.”

    Are we approaching that time?


  • Women Are Surging Into Political Power
    EMILY’s List reported that nationally in 2017, more than 16,000 women expressed interest in running, compared to the 920 women who did so in 2015 and 2016 combined.
  • The 2018 Super Bowl Anti-Sex Trafficking Committee in Minnesota is serious about the responsibility of being a host city for the February 4 event.
  • North Minneapolis credit union is building pledges.

  • Healing After Oppressive Force: Center for Victims of Torture
    Seeing daily abuses is depressing, Muli acknowledges. Yet she stays motivated because she sees clients “magically open like a flower” with community-based therapy. “It works. We see results.”
  • Spotlight: Domestic Violence Survivor Finds Her Power
    Cathy Riley-Green is healing with gratitude after a brutal attack.
  • The Women's March momentum
    Feature: Women showed up ... and keep showing up
  • Women's Congress for Future Generations
    Feature: Catalyzing actions on climate change, racial justice and community
  • A calling for justice
    Feature: Staffing the help line at the Sexual Violence Center is a "calling" for its volunteers
  • New paths to the religious life
    Feature: The Visitation Sisters and the St. Joseph Workers Program are religious organizations that offer contemporary opportunities for women to answer a "call"
  • GoSeeDo September 2017
    Calendar: Global Roots Festival, FEmnFEST and other women-focused events happening in September
  • Life gifts
    Feature: At a young age, Marie Marquardt knew the power of changing lives through organ donation
  • GoSeeDo August 2017
    Calendar: Women at the Fringe and other women-focused events happening in August
  • Convicting traffickers
    Feature: Two women prosecutors in Ramsey County fight for women and girls
  • GoSeeDo July 2017
    Calendar: Wild lands with Terry Tempest Williams, Prayers for Pussies and other women-focused events happening in July
  • Common, accepted and under threat
    Feature: Abortion in 2017
  • Giving sanctuary
    Feature: Weighing the consequences and risks, many church communities in Minnesota choose to take a stand
  • ThinkAboutIt June 2017
    ThinkAboutIt: Homeless Girl Scouts, Cosmo insensitivity, hidden costs of rape for women and more to think about
  • GoSeeDo June 2017
    Calendar: Feminist tales, wanderlust art, resiliency reading and other women-focused events happening in June
  • What Women Want
    ReadersSurvey: You told us your favorites. We tell all.
  • GoSeeDo May 2017
    Calendar: Water guardians, S-Town, women over 50 theater, intimate apparel, drumming and other women-focused events happening in May
  • Global students in St. Paul
    Feature: More than 100 languages, more than 20 countries of origin - the challenges of multi-lingual education
  • GoSeeDo April 2017
    Calendar: Lunafest, Minnesota's food, "The Bluest Eye" on stage and other women-focused events happening in April
  • Equal rights - unfinished business
    Feature: Legislators are trying to finally ratify the Equal Rights Amendment - proposed to Congress since 1923
  • GoSeeDo March 2017
    Calendar: Women's history month/International Women's Day events, healing from trauma, challenging Islamaphobia, and other women-focused events happening in March
  • Water is life
    Feature: The women of Standing Rock are caretakers, life givers and protectors of the sacred
  • Women unite!
    Feature: Separating from Pantsuit Nation, Stand Up Minnesota women are gathering online to share their progressive political convictions and to work for change
  • Q&A: Women in business
    Feature: Mary Quist-Newins, president of the Minnesota chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners, spoke with the Women's Press
  • GoSeeDo February 2017
    Calendar: Nina Simone, Twin Cities Women's Choir, Women's Prison Book Project and other women-focused events happening in February
  • Listening as an act of rebellion
    LeaderVoice: Suzanne Al-Kayali: In listening we are brought closer together
  • What's the use of art?
    BookShelf: Anne Bertram reminds you to take a step back, take a breath, maybe even laugh, and adjust your perspective
  • Self defense lessons
    YourStory: Nausheena Hussain: "I refuse to stand by and allow us to be victims"

  • Demonstrating courage in the face of adversity
    OnYourMind: Nekima Levy-Pounds: It's time for things to change
  • Finding our common connections
    OnYourMind:Ingebretsen's: Examining our own immigrants roots
  • Bookstore as a muse
    Feature: Q&A with five women-owned independent booksellers in Minnesota
  • GoSeeDo January 2017
    Calendar: 24-hour Smackdown, WARM art, memory play, cyborg soldiers and other women-focused events happening in January
  • Moms Demand Action Minnesota
    Changemakers: Grassroots movement working on legislative action to end gun violence
  • The Minnesota Lynx
    Changemakers: Role models on the basketball court and beyond
  • Anne McKeig
    Changemakers: Minnesota's first Native American Supreme Court Justice
  • Barbara Battiste
    Changemakers: Working with facts to make change for women and girls through the legislative Office on the Economic Status of Women
  • Nausheena Hussain
    Changemakers: Raising the level of engagement of Muslim women with RISE - Reviving the Islamic Sisterhood for Empowerment
  • Guerrilla Girls Takeover organizers
    Changemakers: The women-led project is called the largest arts collaboration ever in the Twin Cities
  • Jessica Smith
    Changemakers: An art exhibit at Regla de Oro gallery brings attention to hereditary breast and ovarian cancer
  • Gretchen Carlson & Abby Honold
    Changemakers: Women speak up for themselves and for other women who have experienced sexual harassment or sexual assault
  • FairPlay MN
    Changemakers: Local group claims equitable space for women-trans-femme improvisers
  • Maiv PAC
    Changemakers: The first Hmong American women's political action committee in the United States
  • Marva Lynn Shellenberger
    Changemakers: Lego team coach brings the 'girl effect' to STEM competitions
  • GoSeeDo December 2016
    Calendar: Women's Art Festival, solstice, and other women-focused events happening in December
  • Midway Murals Project:
    Feature: Beautifying walls, building community strength
  • GoSeeDo November 2016
    Calendar: Money, threads, Nordic art and other women-focused events happening in November
  • O Sister Where Art Thou?
    Feature: Women in the Legislature: Stalled progress? Insights from Rep. Erin Murphy, Sen. Patricia Torres Ray and Sen. Sandy Pappas
  • GoSeeDo October 2016
    Calendar: Sacred Garden, Ojibwe lives, 35th annual Women & Spirituality conference and other women-focused events happening in October
  • GoSeeDo September 2016
    Calendar: Global roots, Superior Light, quilted art ... and other women-focused events happening in September
  • Out from under: Recovering from addiction
    Feature: Just by being female, you're at a higher risk for major consequences of substance dependence.
  • GoSeeDo August 2016
    Calendar: Rethinking race, motherhood, tapestries ... and other women-focused events happening in August
  • GoSeeDo July 2016
    Calendar: Glensheen, Bastille Day, living without God, Malala ... and other women-focused events happening in July
  • CEDAW and human rights
    Feature: Ellen Kennedy: Eliminating discrimination against women
  • Becoming World Savvy
    Feature: An education model that helps local students become competent global citizens
  • Marriage rights celebrated
    Feature: Cathy ten Broeke and Margaret Miles: The impact of being legally married
  • GoSeeDo June 2016
    Calendar: Hip hop, crooners, the women of comedy and other women-focused events happening in June
  • What Women Want!
    ReadersSurvey: You told us your favorites. We tell all.
  • The Theater of Public Policy
    Feature: The women who use improv to spark conversation
  • GoSeeDo May 2016
    Calendar: Fight Like a Mother, trans etiquette, Two Spirits, and other women-focused events happening in May
  • Green Card Voices
    Feature: Learning about Minnesota's rich communities by sharing immigrant and refugee stories
  • Dignity Center
    Feature: An oasis of belonging for homeless people built by relationships
  • GoSeeDo April 2016
    Calendar: Beaded baskets, women in song, bad feminists ... and other women-focused events happening in April
  • Re-Imagining: Revisited and revived
    Feature:Gathering the stories of a historic conference - and keeping the spirit moving
  • GoSeeDo March 2016
    Calendar:Goddess Menses, International Women's Day, Watermelon Hill, Guerilla Girls finale ... and other women-focused events happening in March
  • "Not a fringe issue"
    Feature Everytown for Gun Safety in Minnesota turns support into results
  • Everyday terrorism
    Feature: Almost two-thirds of women murdered with guns are killed by intimate partners
  • Strong women = strong business
    BusinessFeature: Marnie Ochs-Raleigh, NAWBO-MN chapter president tells why should we do business with women-owned businesses?
  • GoSeeDo February 2016
    Calendar: Our fare ladies, Guerrilla Girls, all-female Shakespeare and other women-focused events happening in February
  • Feminist Masked Avengers
    ArtsFeature Q&A with self-dubbed, Frida Kahlo, one of the Guerrilla Girls coming for the Twin Cities Takeover
  • Purpose-driven art
    ArtsFeature Women's Caucus for Art exhibit honors a spectrum of artwork of 2nd and 3rd wave feminists
  • GoSeeDo January 2016
    Calendar: The power of books, multi-media innovators... and other women-focused events happening in January
  • ThinkAboutIt January 2016
    ThinkAboutIt: Artistic censorship in China, women on Broadway... and more to think about
  • MN Tradeswomen & JE Dunn Construction
    Changemakers: Women build the Capitol - and each other
  • Minneapolis NAACP
    Changemakers: Women take a fresh approach to leadership of this venerable organization
  • Panyia Vang, Linda Miller & Sia Her
    Changemakers: Breaking the silence about sexual abuse in the Hmong community
  • Sarah Deer
    Changemaker: Author of "The Beginning and End of Rape" continues her work to stop violence against Native women
  • The Anna Westin Act
    Changemakers: Advocates work to pass legislation to eliminate discrimination for those with eating disorders
  • Barbara Porwit
    Changemaker: Artist turns health challenges into personal power
  • Carolyn Holbrook and The Loft Literary Center
    Changemakers: Curators and creators of safer spaces for Black women's stories
  • Wiki edit-a-thons
    Changemakers: A grassroots group of editors aims to get more women on Wikipedia
  • Ginger Jentzen and advocates for fair wages
    Changemakers: Individuals and organizations work together for political change
  • GoSeeDo December 2015
    Calendar: Women's Art Festival, Solstice rituals ... and other women-focused events happening in December
  • Pence from heaven
    WorthFeature Mary's Pence invests in women - literally
  • Divorce: The financial implications
    WorthFeature: Having a specialist in your corner can help
  • Girl Books
    BookFeature Give the gift of books to your favorite girl
  • GoSeeDo November 2015
    Calendar: Women on wheels, Persephone dances... and other women-focused events happening in November
  • Water links us all
    WaterWomenFeature: Ann Bancroft's latest challenge: Raising awareness of the world's water crisis
  • Sacred Water
    WaterWomenFeature: Recognizing the interconnectedness of all things
  • GoSeeDo October 2015
    Calendar: Author Jeanette Winterson, "She Kills Monsters" ... and other women-focused events happening in October
  • Refusing the DARK
    FoodFeature: Right to Know Minnesota (RTK) works against "Deny Americans the Right to Know" (DARK) food laws
  • GoSeeDo September 2015
    Calendar: Bee parties, Judy Blume ... and other women-focused events happening in September
  • Forward, global women
    SenseOfPlaceFeature: International women to convene in Twin Cities in August
  • The wild west
    SenseOfPlaceFeature: The abuse of women in North Dakota oil fields mirrors the abuse of Mother Nature