by Rachel M. Anderson

Savy Yue learned how to deal with a great loss at a young age. She had to say goodbye to one of her best friends who was dying-Sensei the boxer, nicknamed Snort.

"Snort's Special Gift," a children's book by Savy's mother, Suzann Wancket-Yue, is the Yue family's story about how they said goodbye to Snort and the lessons their dog taught them while she was alive. "It became important that I write a book about Snort to honor her memory and to help pet lovers and other families deal with their losses," Wancket-Yue said.

Author, Wancket-Yue, and illustrator, Lin Wang, both figuratively and literally, paint a story of Snort, a charming and beautiful boxer dog. Through words and pictures they offer a gentle way of tackling an emotional subject with a focus on the treasures and lessons that a pet brings to a family. The story becomes a celebration of life meant to help children and adults cherish and commemorate the pets in their relationships.

"I wrote this book to share all of the wonderful lessons Snort taught me and our children. I believe that all pets are put on this Earth for a reason. Their unconditional love is priceless," Wancket-Yue said. "Losing a pet is difficult, but my goal with writing this book was for it to be a grieving tool for families."

Author Suzann Wancket-Yue and her family live in Wayzata, Minn. Illustrator Lin Wang lives in Fremont, Calif., with her family. FFI: and