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Minnesota Women's Press
  • Where Do I Belong? Regina Santiago
    A Roseville teacher, who was born in the Philippines
  • Where Do I Belong? Zaynab Abdi
    A junior honor student at St. Kate's, from Yemen
  • Where Do I Belong? Veronica Quillien
    An entrepreneur and artist, who lived in Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Belgium, and Superior (WI), before setting roots in Minnesota
  • Smooth Sailing at 105
    Pat Marble learned to kayak for the first time when she was 90 years old. “When you kayak, you are low in the water. You look down and there are so many things to see.”
  • Replacing Mortar and Pestle
    Alexandra Spieldoch: The United Nations has reported that we could lift at least 150 million people out of hunger and poverty by filling the gender gap in agriculture. 
  • Lachelle Cunningham's Mission
    "There is great diversity of chefs in the Twin Cities. I intend to bring more attention to this space, so more people can see the enormous talent we have to offer." 
  • Marnita's Table: A Recipe for  Cross-Cultural  Relationship
    She compares Marnita's Table events to family reunions, with relatives from around the world who differ in terms of race, class, culture, and other forms of self-identity. 
  • Called to Syria
    "The suffering is immense. The people I saw in Greece were the lucky ones. They had the money and health to travel that far. I knew I hadn’t even seen the worst of it."
  • Protecting Patients and Their Caregivers
    As a board member of the Minnesota Nurses Association, Robin Henderson is focused on not only patient care, but policy around the caregivers.
  • "I Deserve All Good"
    CELEBRATIONS GUIDE: Titilayo Bediako of We Win Institute, on how to help young women recognize Black accomplishments from ancient Africa to modern-day Minnesota.
  • Breaking the Pipeline
    Anika Bowie: Standing out in the male-dominated criminal justice field.
  • Vulnerable Leadership
    Tanya Korpi Macleod: Many leaders traditionally have a desire to want to feel smarter than everyone else in the room. A good leader can say, “I know your superpower.”
  • Spotlight: Domestic Violence Survivor Finds Her Power
    Cathy Riley-Green is healing with gratitude after a brutal attack.
  • Public Poetry
    Profile: Junauda Petrus speaks out about race and gender equality despite a ban on her poem by the City of Minneapolis
  • Linda Anderson
    Profile: Keeping her head up in difficult times
  • Environmental justice in North Minneapolis
    Feature:"When women lead, we take others with us"
  • Akilah Sanders-Reed: Youth climate intervenor
    Profile: Envisioning a better future for our planet - and working to protect it
  • It's called "Daisy Camp"
    Profile: Because who wants to go to DIVORCE camp?
  • Culturally competent midwifery
    Profile: Jennifer Almanza has become the midwife she once looked for
  • Learn how to live, choose how to die
    Profile: Cancer survivor Brenda Hartman is changing the conversation about death and healing
  • A farmer and beekeeper
    Profile: There's no typical work day for Yao Yang, the director of the Hmong American Farmers Association Food Hub
  • Working overtime for Minnesota
    Profile: A day in the life of Jamie Becker-Finn, first-term state representative

  • Risky, personal style-setter
    Profile: Jana Shortal challenges perceptions of what a newswoman looks like - and succeeds
  • Familial Alzheimer's disease
    Profile: One family's work to change the future of Alzheimer's
  • Stories transcend words
    Profile: Mankato professor Gwen Westerman crafts generational storytelling in quilts and writes about limited perspectives of Native American history
  • Activism runs in the family
    Profile: Priscilla Lord and Emma Faris, mother and daughter, support progressive women running for political office
  • Unwavering
    Profile: Cheryl Robertson has spent three decades working as a public health nurse in countries ripped apart by war, trauma and displacement, and she's not about to stop
  • Rebranding her faith
    Profile: Hanadi Chehabeddine builds cultural bridges through conversations and cups of coffee
  • Ojibwe women
    Profile: Brenda Child, scholar of Native history, speaks to her family's stories
  • Women's history on center stage
    Profile: Playwright Laurie Flanigan Hegge creates theater from local stories
  • "I am a girl"
    Profile: Parents of a transgender child stand up for her rights and identity
  • Words matter
    Profile: Tish Jones, spoken word poet, on building bridges and breaking down hierarchies with words
  • Love letters
    Profile: Kalia Yang: Lyrical storytelling from Hmong refugee camp to the written page
  • Always an advocate
    Profile: Luz Maria Frias: Building bridges between cultures and communities through communication
  • A voice for change
    Profile: State Rep. Rena Moran: From a homeless shelter to the State Capitol
  • Tackling the status quo
    Profile: Melisa Franzen: Young Puerto Rican mother steps out of boxes in Minnesota Senate
  • Humanitarian entrepreneur
    Profile: Mary Tjosvold: Combining the best of both worlds - community organizing through business
  • Mind the gap
    Profile: Shawntera Hardy: Listening, and responding, to the screams of community at Minnesota's Department of Employment and Economic Development
  • Bibelot at 50
    Profile: Roxana Freese: Ownership, from necessity to passion
  • Speaking out
    Profile: Farm activist Lou Anne Kling: From pastures to protests
  • Out as a trans woman
    Profile: Miranda Foslien: The unique perspective of being raised with male privilege, noticing how women tend to perceive themselves, and interacting within the categories of relationship
  • Lizzo soars
    Profile: After years of performing with groups, the musician goes solo
  • 50 by 50
    Profile: Julie Musselman: 50 marathons in 50 states by age 50
  • Heather Lindstrom
    Profile: Heather Lindstrom: Working with special-needs inmates in solitary confinement, being a single mom, charting her own course
  • Mobile doctor
    Profile: Dr. Edwige Mubonzi: Taking a stand for women and girls in war-torn Africa
  • Seriously funny
    Profile: Julie Schumacher, the first female Thurber Prize award winner
  • The queen of improv
    Profile: Jill Bernard pushes the boundaries at HUGE Theater
  • Welcome home
    Profile: Sandy White Hawk works to reunite adopted Native peoples with their original families
  • Fedwa Wazwaz
    Profile: Seeking and facilitating peace and cultural understanding
  • Shodo Spring
    Profile: Finding harmony and raising consciousness of how people think of the earth through Buddhism
  • Marit Brock
    Profile: Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America works to keep kids safe
  • Visualizing women's stories
    Profile: Mother and daughter artists focus on social justice
  • Leaving "the life"
    Profile: Terry Forliti - One woman's story of being sold and climbing out of prostitution
  • Riverkeepers
    Profile: Sister-sisters Kay and Annette Fernholz work to restore the water and land at their Earthrise Farm
  • Growing leadership
    Profile: Activist Pakou Hang organizes Hmong-American farmers "at the nexus of history"
  • The tipping point
    Profile: Ginger Jenzten advocates for living wages for fellow servers - and for us all
  • Dancing with goats
    Profile: Mairi Doerr has built a sustainable life at her Dancing Winds Farm
  • Her singing eases funeral pain
    Profile: Minneapolis artist Jayanthi Kyle offers comfort to mourning families
  • What the monarchs tell us
    Profile: They're in danger, and we can help
  • Sisterly duo
    Profile: The Baldwins entertain and inspire with their music
  • Writing toward hope
    Profile: How New Yorker Sherrie Fernandez-Williams found her voice - and herself - in Minnesota
  • A book lover's dream job
    Profile: Minnesota Public Radio's Kerri Miller combines journalism and her love of reading
  • Wilderness protector
    Profile: Adventurer Amy Freeman boldly explores and educates us on a natural world worth saving
  • "God Girl"
    WordsAndPictures: Twin Cities playwright Kristine Holmgren takes a swing at the stained-glass ceiling
  • Cultural bridge builder
    Profile: Sia Her fosters connections between communities and generations and is helping redefine what it means to be a 'good Hmong daughter'
  • 'Get into your neighbors' business'
    Profile: In 30 years on the police force, Lt. Kim Lund has been an advocate for victims and the vulnerable
  • A passionate "genius"
    Profile: Law professor Sarah Deer - now a MacArthur fellow - is a tireless advocate for Native victims of sexual assault
  • Gender Justice
    Profile: This tenacious law group makes change for women happen - quickly
  • Brewing success
    Profile: After taking six years to open their brewery, partners Deb Loch and Jill Pavlak are working fast and furious to keep up with demand
  • Primed for power
    Profile: Patricia Torres Ray is working to launch more women into office
  • Turning beer into food
    Profile: Jacquie Berglund's company, FINNEGANS, does well doing good
  • Dispensing medical care - and love
    Profile: Nurse practitioner Pam White specializes in treating mind, body and spirit in the black community
  • Art + Business = Success
    Profile: Beth Bergman makes her mark as a retailer and in the community
  • 'Born and raised on the fair'
    Profile: It's in her blood: Brooke Blakey keeps us informed about public safety
  • Cream of the crop
    Profile: Teresa Anderson's seed-based political commentary is a fixture at the State Fair
  • A victory for journalism
    Profile: Interviewing skills, values help MPR reporter Madeleine Baran uncover church's secrets
  • Turning defeat into victory
    Profile: Carri Jones learned from her first election loss and went on to win the leadership of her Indian tribe.
  • Let there be light rail
    Profile: The new Green Line trains bring out the joy in Christina Morrison, who endured its construction and helped plan its environment
  • Called to car repair
    Profile: Cathy Heying and the Lift Garage fix vehicles affordably for people - especially women - in need
  • Big Sister by choice
    Profile: Darlene Bell takes her Little Sisters into her life, her heart
  • Ritual co-creator
    Profile: Kaia Svien lifts up the mystery of our lives
  • Same-sex marriage
    Profile: Ann DeGroot says her wedding day: " ... was a good day, even though it was a sad time"
  • From Bhutan to Minnesota
    Profile: Through an oral history project, Mangala Sharma, a refugee from Bhutan, helps keep her stories and her people's culture alive
  • Betty McKenzie: locked up for peace
    Profile: The activist nun put her beliefs on the line, even if it meant going to jail.
  • Twin sisters, dual identities
    Profile: Augsburg students Mayra and Miriam Medina Macias embrace two cultures
  • Breaking through taboos
    Profile: At Planned Parenthood in Rochester, Khadija Ali helps educate young Somalis about sex and healthy relationships.
  • Framing the future
    Profile: For Susan Marvin, leading her family's window company means putting employees - and the community - first.
  • 'Memory of Trees'
    Profile: Gayla Marty: Trees provide touchstones in this daughter's story about family farm.
  • Heartstrings
    Profile: Shop owner Claire Givens wants to help elevate women in the violin trade.
  • 'It's still me'
    Profile: Cancer survivor Jan Strassburg opens her own wig shop to help women deal with hair loss.
  • Spreading sunshine
    Profile: Carol Salmon is serious about clowning around.
  • 2,000 miles, 2 women and 1 canoe
    Profile: How a determined pair paddled their way to Hudson Bay - and into the record books.
  • Food justice
    FoodFeature: For LaDonna Redmond, this is the civil rights issue of the 21st century
  • Revive the hive
    Profile: The Beez Kneez is creating a buzz with a bicycle-powered honey business
  • Persistence, patience and prayers
    Profile: Sadia's Gourmet Sauces bring a spicy taste of Somalia to Minnesota palates
  • Of daughters, mothers, distance and healing
    Profile: Kelly Fern journeys from South Korea to Minnesota and back in search of her lost family.
  • Fearless drummer
    Profile: Iris Shiraishi makes her statement with the Japanese art of taiko.
  • Peace & war
    Profile: An Iraq veteran's experience at war earned her an unanticipated education
  • Lenor Scheffler:
    Profile: Trailblazing attorney with heart values her family, community and mentors
  • Feminism in action
    Profile: Jane Olsen finds feminist synergy in conservative St. Cloud
  • Tough in a tutu
    Profile: Deborah Jiang Stein's unPrison Project
  • Out in rural Minnesota
    Profile: Jessi Tebben and Ashley Schuman build family-despite challenges
  • High-profile engineer
    Profile: Susan Rani is modest about her trailblazing, leadership