Did You Know?

• Minnesota is home to 208,571 immigrant women and 52,176 immigrant children. Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2015 American Community Survey, 1-Year
• The top countries of origin for Minnesota immigrants are Mexico (13.9 percent), India (7.2 percent), Somalia (5.7 percent), Laos (5.5 percent), and Ethiopia (4.6 percent). Source: American Immigrant Council
• Undocumented immigrants in Minnesota paid an estimated $83.2 million in state and local taxes in 2014. Source: Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy
• $250,000 has been set aside by Hennepin County toward a legal defense fund for immigrants, making it one of the first Midwestern jurisdictions to start chipping in for immigration court costs. Source: Star Tribune, 3/25/18

Policy Around Arrests and Detentions

• Pew Research reports that Minnesota saw a 67 percent increase in ICE arrests in 2017. That includes more than 4,000 arrests in St. Paul. Details: 
• U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has ordered immigration judges not to grant asylum to victims of domestic and gang violence. Source: Los Angeles Times, 6/11/18
• While cities like Minneapolis and St. Paul have declared themselves sanctuaries, counties and sheriff’s departments like Hennepin County do turn over undocumented immigrants to federal immigration authorities. Source: Star Tribune, 7/9/17
• Immigrant pregnant women will no longer be released automatically on bond. Source: The Washington Post, 3/29/18
• Companies and local governments have proposed building immigration detention centers in the Midwest, responding to a request from Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials. The proposals, most by for-profit corrections contractors, were submitted to ICE after it put out a request in October for detention sites that included St. Paul. The proposals, all preliminary, include one to build a 640-bed detention center in Pine Island, Minnesota, near Rochester. Details: https://bit.ly/2l1lLAB