Gay Games Winners

The Subversive Sirens took up synchronized swimming two years ago to compete at the 2018 Gay Games. Co-founded by Signe Harriday (theater director featured in this month’s magazine), the Minnesota-based team of five women won gold. “We are here for black liberation, we are here for body positivity, we are here for queer visibility, and we’re here for equity and aquatics,” Harriday told NBC News.

Women Doctors Listen to Pain

A new study, with a lead author from the University of Minnesota, has found that women are more likely to survive heart attacks when treated by female doctors. There is a known gap between survival rates of men and women — largely thought to be due to women having fewer “classic” symptoms, and thus more likely to delay treatment. That disparity disappears when the treating physician in an emergency room is female. Other studies have shown that female physicians tend to be more responsive to a patient’s needs and pain. The study was based on data from 582,000 patients. 
Source: MinnPost