Holly Neher, the quarterback for the Hollywood Hills High School football team in Florida, threw for a touchdown on the very first pass of her high school football career. Neher tells the Miami Herald she was "pretty excited." And while Neher isn't the first young woman to play quarterback in Broward County, she is the first to throw a touchdown pass.

The Hollywood Hills Spartans fell to Hallandale High School in the game with Neher's touchdown pass anchoring the team's scoring for the evening. This is the high school junior's first season playing tackle football.
Source: Miami Herald

Body of Evidence
New research suggests that developing breast cancer may be tied to more than just genetics or personal health risk factors. A growing number of studies show rates of cancer accelerating in specific zip codes where pollution or air quality may impact health. Other studies indicate that epigenetic stressors such as racism or other traumas may impact one's likelihood of developing cancer.

The executive director of Breast Cancer Action, Karuna Jaggar says, "The historical focus on lifestyle and other known risk factors implies that it's women's job to prevent breast cancer." There is now precedent to approach these issues from a public health perspective in order to quell these rates and strive for a better quality of life for those most negatively impacted.

The 'Just Review'
A team at McGill University analyzed over 10,000 reviews in the New York Times Book Review, tracking metrics including the gender of authors whose books were reviewed, the gender of review writers, the reviewed book's genre and themes and the most frequently appearing words in reviews. Using a computer model they were able to generate confirmation of gender biases in these reviews - showing that men were most often lauded for writing non-fiction about war, science and sports, while featured books by women were often fiction about romance or relationships.

Two of these researchers founded an advocacy group called 'The Just Review' to report their findings and campaign for a wider variety of books by writers of all genders to be included in review. The computer model can show where there are deficits - and it is available for download and use by publications and individuals.

If women ruled the world ...
"What you really want is a balanced team of women and men. There are still so many meetings where women are not even in the room. Although Donald Trump feels like a threat to turn the clock back, I think there is an irresistible force for further change all around the world."
- Harriet Harman, member of British Parliament since 1982. Source: The Guardian

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