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This tiny book by Stillwater resident, Colleen Baldrica, carries a lot of wisdom. Through the seasons of one year, Baldrica had monthly conversations with a woman named "Tree Spirited Woman," who shared with Baldrica insights about relationships, marriage, children, joy, death, trust and letting go. This passage about listening is from Baldrica's book:

"One does not communicate with words only. One also communicates with tone of voice and the physical actions of the body. When one truly listens, one sees, one hears, and one feels all that is being spoken.

"Those who truly listen are not thinking of the words that they will soon speak; they are looking at the person who is talking, and understanding all that is being communicated. This gift of listening will leave the person who has been talking with a feeling of having been heard. Too often, people do not listen to others. A question is asked, but the time is not taken to hear the full answer. That often leaves one feeling that she is all alone with her thoughts and emotions.

"If one feels alone for a time, and does not share what is in one's heart and mind, she may become confused or unstable. All people need someone to listen. It is important to the speaker that what has been said, has been heard and understood.

"The gift of listening does not cost money, but it will be greatly treasured by all who receive it."

Get a copy: "Tree Spirited Woman" is available in many local, independent bookstores and gift shops.
FFI: http://colleenbaldrica.com